"The [warrior] fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him."  - GK Chesterton

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          Our Mission

The American Agoge's mission is to provide self-defense, survival and disaster preparedness education for the everyday man, woman, child and family.

"Agoge" is the name of the training regimen, or school mandated for all Spartan males beginning at the age of 7 and ending at age 21. The Agoge emphasized military training, hunting, stealth, dancing, singing and social communication and interaction as well as loyalty to Sparta and its principles. The goal would be the creation of a Spartan male with superior mental and physical preparation that would be                         a better citizen and warrior. "Agoge" literally means 'rearing' but in                           this context would be more accurately translated 'guidance' or                                   'training.'

                         We have chosen this model as our inspiration for an "American                                  Agoge." Our vision is to create an Academy that not only provides                              the basic level of Self-Defense, Firearms and Fitness training but one                          that creates a healthier, more prepared citizen, spouse, parent, and                            protector; simply put, a better person, a better AMERICAN.

Tom Hall


Our Reviews Speak For Themselves!